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6 Textile Furniture Pads
50’ Nylon Rope
1 Sofa Cover

  • $55.99
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12 Textile Furniture Pads
100’ Nylon Rope
1 Sofa Cover

  • $79.99
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24 Textile Furniture Pads
150’ Nylon Rope
1 Sofa Cover

  • $124.99
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1 3/4"

Heavy laminated chrome plates
Hardened-chrome steel shackle
Double-locking heel and toe
5-pin brass cylinder

*The padlock does not work with a moving trailer bulkhead.

  • $9.95
  • $11.95
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Rated for:
Items weighing up to 700 lbs.

OSHA accepted to reduce back injuries due to heavy lifting.
Straps easily fit in your back pockets or tool belt.
Adjustable straps can carry small to extra large items.

Ideal for: encouraging proper lifting techniques. Two people can easily carry heavy or bulky loads. Patent No. 6,039,376

  • $19.95
  • $24.95
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This assortment includes:
1 Padlock
1 Utility Rope 50 ft Length
3 Textile Furniture Pads 54" X 72"

  • $42.99
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Other Moving Supplies from epamra.ru

Moving Straps and Padlocks

In addition to moving boxes and packing supplies, we offer things like moving straps and padlocks that you’ll need. If you’re moving furniture or appliances, moving straps make the lifting easy. And if you’re moving in a epamra.ru , don’t forget to get a padlock to secure your shipment. We offer quality moving supplies at great prices – with FREE shipping!

Lift easy with furniture moving straps

Our moving straps are the same ones that the pros use! They’re heavy-duty nylon straps that help you move heavy furniture and appliances. Two people can easily carry loads of up to 700 pounds with our adjustable furniture moving straps. To use the Forearm Forklifts, simply lay the straps underneath the furniture according to the directions. Then grab the straps, and adjust them to their desired length while bending at the knees. Once you’re both ready, just straighten your legs to stand, and the straps will do the lifting!

Keep your belongings safe with a padlock

Whether you’re looking to lock up a storage unit or your epamra.ru container, a padlock will keep your belongings secure. Use the padlock to protect your container – once you place the lock on the , it won’t be removed until you open it at destination because you keep the key!

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