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Iowa epamra.ru Coverage Area

Iowa epamra.ru Coverage Area

Moving to Iowa?
Iowa is in fact the only state whose east and west borders are 100% formed by water (the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers). But don't let that stop you. Moving to Iowa is still a simple task. Call epamra.ru to get you there.
Searching for Affordable Iowa Moving Companies?
If you're comparing moving prices for other Iowa moving companies, you may have been discouraged by the high prices you've found. And if driving a rental truck seems like your only affordable option, think again.  Get a free moving quote from epamra.ru and compare to other Iowa moving companies.

Interesting facts to know when moving to Iowa
- If you like corn, you'll love Iowa. About one-fifth of the country's corn comes from Iowa's rich farm lands.
- A full 90 percent of Iowa's land is devoted to farming.
- Iowa has the highest literacy rate in the United States. More than 99 percent of Iowa's citizens can read.
- Iowa gets more tornadoes than any other state. A tornado is a mighty twisting windstorm. At the center of the storm, the wind can travel as fast as 300 miles per hour.
- "Iowa" is the only state name that begins with two vowels.
- The famous actor John Wayne was born in Winterset, IA on May 26, 1907.

If your heart is set on moving to Iowa, contact epamra.ru. You'll be glad you did.