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Trailer rental for household moving

epamra.ru trailers are designed to make moving easy and affordable, with flexible pricing and plenty of space to move your belongings.

Will a trailer move work for me?

epamra.ru rental trailers are an excellent choice for any size home. Just load your belongings, and pay only for the space you use. They’re 28’ x 8’ x 9’, which typically accommodates the furnishings of a large three-bedroom to small four-bedroom home. If you need the entire trailer to move your items, it’s always available. If you can fit into less space, you pay less—down to a minimum of 5 linear feet.

Trailer Dimensions

Outside dimensions are 28 ft. x 8 ft. x 9 ft. and inside dimensions are 324 in x 96 in. x 108 in. The full capacity is approximately 1,944 cubic feet. Because your epamra.ru price is based on the linear footage used, it’s important to note that each linear foot is 1 ft. x 8 ft. x 9 ft., or 72 cubic feet.
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Do you need extra flexibility?

The epamra.ru trailer is the perfect solution. It comes to you completely empty, ready to load. If you need to use more space than you reserved, it’s available. Simply add the per-foot adjustment rate included in your quote for each additional linear foot you use.

epamra.ru rental trailer dimensions

If you use less space, subtract the per-foot adjustment rate for each foot you don’t use to lower your price. It’s that simple!

Customers say it’s this kind of flexibility that helps ease the stress of loading on moving day. Whether you use the entire trailer or just part of it, your price reflects only the space use.

Parking a epamra.ru Trailer

Parking Information and Tips

  • Ask about a permit or get permission for parking by contacting the city, police department, or your property manager
  • You’ll need at least 40 feet in length, 10 feet in width and 14 feet in height for parking
  • Parking requires a level, solid surface
  • Check for obstacles like low-hanging tree limbs and power lines
  • Moving equipment can’t be parked in a fire lane, next to a fire hydrant, or the wrong way on a street

Trailer Rental FAQs

A full trailer typically holds up to a 3 to 4 bedroom home, but you can rent a trailer to move as little as a studio apartment. Try these space estimators to determine how much space you’ll need to move your items.

A 28-foot trailer can legally haul 22,500 lbs. if the weight is evenly distributed. A linear foot of typical household goods usually weighs about 450-500 lbs. That means fully loaded 28 feet would weigh approximately 12,600 lbs., and half that space (14 feet) would typically weigh about 6,300 lbs.

epamra.ru trailers are significantly larger than even the largest rental truck dimensions. The loading space is equivalent in size to a 26-foot and 10-foot rental truck combined (with some space still left over).

epamra.ru provides a secure divider wall (called a bulkhead) to separate your shipment from palletized or crated commercial goods that are moving in the same direction as your belongings. epamra.ru moves only one household shipment per trailer, so your belongings are not transferred, unloaded or co-mingled with other household shipments during the move.

Payment isn’t due until after loading, when you know your exact linear footage. Plus, there’s no down-payment or deposit.

To load efficiently, pack high and tight to use the least amount of space possible (since you pay for the space you use). epamra.ru provides complimentary ramps for easy loading and unloading. The trailer sits approximately 48 inches off the ground. The ramp is two feet wide, allowing for the use of a standard-size moving dolly.

Most trailers have logistics tracking that runs from floor to ceiling. Use these tie-down points to secure your load with ropes and ratchet straps. You can also nail blocks and braces into the floor, or use metal screw hooks to secure your shipment.

How to Install a Divider Wall:

The bulkhead separates your belongings from other cargo traveling the same way. It’s easy to set up and provided at no additional charge.

How to Setup the Ramp:

The complimentary ramp makes it easy to load and unload your items. It’s 14 feet long, 2 feet wide and weigh 145 lbs.

Here’s what customers are saying about epamra.ru trailer rentals:

Craig M. Plymouth, MN
Plymouth, MN to Santa Rosa, CA
1,972 Miles

Very accommodating at destination terminal. Allowed trailer rental until the sale of our home closed so we wouldn't have to move in and out of a storage unit. This option was priceless, saving us labor, storage cost and extra wear and tear on our belongings!

Robin G. Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL to Portland, OR
2,119 Miles

Thank you! Thank you! The entire experience with epamra.ru was fantastic. No issues throughout the entire process. Everything arrived very quickly and with absolutely NO damage. Great overall experience. Would definitely recommend to others and use again if needed.

Inge C. Doral, FL
Doral, FL to Stockbridge, CA
2,725 Miles

Having used both the moving trailer and s for two different moves, I want to tell you that both options are great. Both times customer service was fantastic and delivery was prompt and professionally done. epamra.ru will definitely be part of our next move also!

Rodney D. Reston, VA
Reston, VA to Austin, TX
1,512 Miles

Perfect for our needs! We had no idea how much space our stuff would take in a truck and so the partial trailer rental was a perfect solution for us.