Room-by-Room Space Estimator

Read these instructions first!
It may be helpful to print this page, take it through your home, and make notes of what you plan to move. When you are finished, come back to these instructions. Just click the "Print" button or press "CTRL-P" to print this page.
  1. Click on a room in the "Room & Item Summary" panel.
  2. Enter the number of items in each room that you will load on the truck.
  3. Click the "Add to ..." button at the bottom of each room. It's that easy!
  4. Go from room to room adding the items you will pack.
  5. The total trailer footage needed will appear in the Total Linear Footage Estimated box of the Rooms Summary.
    ( Total Linear Footage is the total cubic feet divided by 64 and rounded up.)
  6. To begin now click on "Room & Item Summary".

Room & Item Summary

Total Cubic Feet: Total Cubic Feet:
Living/Dining Room Kitchen/Laundry
Bedrooms Garage/Outdoor
Boxes Misc. Items
Overall Total Cubic Feet:
Total Linear Footage Estimated: Measuring tape for your move

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These figures are for estimation only.
Your freight bill will be based on the actual space your shipment uses.

Living/Dining Room

Item Quantity Cubic Ft. Item Quantity Cubic Ft.

Arm Chair10Recliner20
Rocking Chair12Television (Big Screen)18
Coffee Table4Bookcase20
Desk20End Table3
Entertainment Center50Dining Room Table15
Dining Chairs4China Cabinet14
Total Living/Dining Cubic Feet:

Kitchen/Laundry Room

Item Quantity Cubic Ft. Item Quantity Cubic Ft.

Dishwasher15Buffet/Kitchen Table25
Washer20Clothes Dryer20
Total Kit/Laundry Cubic Feet:


Item Quantity Cubic Ft. Item Quantity Cubic Ft.

Bed (King)75Bed (Queen)55
Bed (Single)30Bed (Double)45
Armoire50Bedside Table5
Chest of Drawers (sm)25Chest of Drawers (lg)50
Blanket Chest10
Total Bedroom Cubic Feet:


Item Quantity Cubic Ft. Item Quantity Cubic Ft.

Ladder (Lg)10Step Ladder5
Patio Table9Picnic Table and Bench25
Patio Chairs3Wheelbarrow8
Swing Set20Bar-B-Q Grill10
Snow Blower (Ride)35Snow Blower (Push)15
Tool Chest10Glider25
Lawn Mower (Push)5Lawn Mower (Rider)15
Freezer (Sm)45Freezer (Lg)60
Work Bench20Table Saw15
Four Wheeler50Canoe40
Total Garage/Outdoor Cubic Feet:


Item Size Possible Contents Cubic Ft. Quantity

Small Box 16"x12"x12" Small Items: Books, Tools, CD's 1.5
Medium Box 18"x18"x16" Small Appliances 3
Large Box 18"x18"x24" Lightweight Bulky Items 4.5
Extra Large Box 24"x18"x24" Linens, Pillows, Towels 6
19 " TV/Microwave Box 24"x24"x20" TV, Microwave, Stereo 6.5
27" TV/Microwave/Computer Box 24.5"x24.5"x27" TV, Microwave, Computer 9.5
File Box 15"x12"x10" Files, Secure Documents 1
Electronics Box 20"x20"x12" VCR, CD Player, Stereo 3
Wardrobe Box 24"x20"x34" Skirts, Blouses, Jackets 10
Tall Wardrobe Box 24"x21"x48" Hanging Clothes, Tall Plants 14
Total Boxes Cubic Feet:

Miscellaneous Items

Item Quantity Cubic Ft. Item Quantity Cubic Ft.

Sewing Machine (Floor)8Weight Bench and Weights15
Exercise Equipment35Filing Cabinet8
Pool Table50
**Use the area below to enter the Name, Quantity, and Estimated Cubic Footage of any items that were not listed above. Use whole numbers only - not decimals.
Total Misc. Items Cubic Feet: