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Rental Truck Fuel Calculator

Before you rent a truck, estimate the gas cost

Moving across town in a rental truck won’t break the bank. But if you’re moving long distance, the cost of fuel can significantly increase your truck rental price.

For example, if you’re moving from Boston, MA to Seattle, WA in a rental truck, you could expect to spend approximately $1,000 in fuel alone. If the cost to rent a truck that accommodates a 2-3 bedroom home is $3,500, you’ll end up paying over $4,500 to rent the truck and drive yourself. That doesn’t include taxes, damage protection, or other related expenses.

To calculate fuel cost for a U-Haul, Penske, or Budget truck, use this gas price calculator (no math skills required!). Just enter your locations and click “Calculate”:

Fuel Cost Calculator



How a gas cost calculator works

If you prefer to do the math, you’ll need this information to estimate gas cost:

  • The average miles per gallon (MPG)
  • The gas tank size (how many gallons it will hold)
  • How many miles you’ll travel (don’t forget to account for alternate routes or pit stops along the way)
  • The average fuel price per gallon (keep in mind that fuel prices vary across the country)

To calculate gas cost manually, divide the total trip miles by the truck MPG to find how much gas you’ll need. Then, multiply that amount by the average gas price. The final result is your gas cost estimate.

Rental truck gas estimator

To save time, check out the gas mileage calculator charts below for U-Haul, Penske, and Budget trucks:



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Keep in mind that because of gas mileage differences, you won’t be able to cover the same distance in a rental truck as you could in your own car, which means extra hotel stays and meals on the road.

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